A Full Design and Planning Service that is both friendly and professional

A full Design and Planning service can be provided as follows:

Step 1:-

I would suggest that an initial site visit should be conducted to discuss your ideas and to offer any recommendations or advice on the practical aspects of the design.

I would also be able to give you an idea whether the development would only need to comply with the Building Regulations and to be submitted to the Council Bulding Control, or if you would also need Planning Permission.

Some smaller extensions at the rear of your property may be considered as being within ''Permitted Development'' (see "Is Approval Required" page) 

Step 2:-

Once we have agreed the basic design I would prepare the first drawings. These will either be the floor plans showing suggested layouts which would include the dimensions for new rooms etc. or more complete plans depending on whether a final design had originally been chosen.

Step 3:-

When you have approved your desired layout the final plans will be prepared. These will include Floor plans and Sections to a scale of 1:50. Plus Elevations to a scale of 1:100 and Site and Location plans to scales 1:1250 and 1:500. The plans would also include all structural details, calculations and Building Regulation notes that would be required to obtain builders estimates and Council Building Control approval.

Step 4:-

The drawings can be submitted to the appropriate Council on your behalf for either Planning and/or Building Control approval whichever is necessary.

Step 5:-

Regular progress reports will be sent to you while your application is being determined by the Council, and you will receive copies of the appropriate Council receipts, registration documents and the final approval certificates.